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Capstone makes various sizes of MicroTurbines: 30kW, 65kW, and 200kW. Products based on the 200kW turbine are also available in 600kW, 800kW, and 1MW configurations. For more information about our products, download the Capstone Product Catalog.

C30 Microturbine C65 Microturbine C200 Microturbine
C30 (30kW) C65 (65kW) C200 (200kW)

All Capstone MicroTurbines operate:

  • Continuously or On-Demand
  • Stand alone or Grid Connect
  • Individually or Multi-pack
  • Run on a variety of fuels
    • Low or High Pressure Natural Gas
    • Biogas (landfill, wastewater treatment centers, anaerobic)
    • Flare gas
    • Diesel
    • Propane
    • Kerosene

Below are some example businesses and how they can benefit from Capstone MicroTurbine solutions.

type primary secondary tertiary
data centers SP CCHP  
education CHP CCHP SP
food processing CHP SP CCHP
government buildings SP CHP CCHP
healthcare CHP CCHP SP
hospitality CHP SP CCHP
livestock farming BG CHP SP
manufacturing CHP SP CCHP
military SP CHP CCHP
office buildings CHP CCHP SP
oil & gas OG SP CHP
public facilities CHP SP CCHP
residential CHP SP CCHP
retail/big box CHP CCHP SP
supermarkets CCHP CHP SP
telecommunications SP CCHP
utility SP CCHP CHP
waste management BG CHP SP

For more details about how our MicroTurbine solutions address your needs, please visit our solutions page.