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World's Greenest Data Center
July 30 2015

Syracuse University today boasts one of the world’s most energy efficient and green data centers. Key components of the $12.4 million data center – which uses 50 percent less energy than a traditional data center – are 12 patented Capstone Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines® that provide power to the entire facility. Capstone’s Hybrid UPS is the first power system to integrate low-emission C65 (65-kilowatt) microturbines directly with a dual-conversion UPS to provide power for mission-critical loads.

Syracuse University’s Green Data Center features a clean and extremely efficient trigeneration system. The 12 Capstone Hybrid UPS microturbines produce electricity, heat, and cooling power, all from a single burn of clean natural gas. Exhaust heat from the Capstone microturbines is piped to double-effect absorption chillers, which use the heat energy to make cold water to cool the data center’s computers. The microturbines even serve the heating and cooling needs of a nearby office building.

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